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About Us

Imagine yourself as the heir to grandma's estate. You have a small house, and don't want everything. How do you get rid of it? You call an auction house. They tell you how they can help, and it sounds great minus one big thing. They are so booked that they can't get you in for two months. What are you to do with all of your grandma's items for those two months? That is where we come in. Not only is liquidating your items in two weeks or less our job. It is our passion. We love to serve you in the best way possible, and we know that is helping you liquidate items quickly. We don't have set hours. It is all dependent on you. Whenever you are free to meet, that is when we are free. The future is people no longer having to pay lots of money for long term storage. The future is people getting top dollar for their possessions. The future is helping struggling businesses get capital from items they can do without. The future is bright. Let us help you get there.

Stephen Hazlett, owner

Ohio Auction School Class of November 2018

Indiana Auctioneer #AU11900010

Indiana Auction Company #AC31900005

FJ Reitz High School Graduate